Latin America



The Peruvian Church is thriving, but it also faces tremendous societal challenges of poverty, drug-trafficking, and street children. Church-planting among indigenous groups is prospering, and ministries of mercy and justice have been leading people to Christ.

We partner with local ministries to establish churches and develop leaders in both Ecuadorian culture and among the Quechua people. We also partner to serve at-risk children.


Ecuador is a small nation filled with incredible diversity. Within hours you can travel from Andean peaks to the deep Amazon jungle or from the Pacific coast to thriving metropolitan cities. Ecuador’s people are as diverse as the countryside. Over 65 percent of the total population is made of Mestizos, the mixed descendants of Spanish colonists and indigenous Indians, and 25 percent are from various indigenous Indian groups that still hold to the dress and culture of their forefathers. Nonetheless, 95 percent of the population claims to be Catholic and less than three percent follow different forms of Protestantism. However, there is great need for sound Biblical teaching and church planting here.

Ecuador is rich in culture and missionary history, yet it is has the slowest growing evangelical church on the continent. For the first time in years, many people are beginning to question the religion of their forefathers and seek answers.


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