Tabitha's Heart in Calcutta, India


One child at a time...

Tabitha’s Heart serves street kids in the slums of Calcutta, India. Through our sponsorship program, we are able to introduce these precious kids to the love of God. And by providing access to education, we give them real hope for a life beyond the streets.

Millions of children in Kolkata, India, live in extreme poverty in squalid slums or just on a mat on the sidewalk. Most of these kids have never had an education because their families can’t afford to send them to school. Tabitha's Heart believes a good education is critical to breaking the cycle of poverty in these children's lives. Through their School Sponsorship Program, Tabitha’s Heart enrolls a sponsored child in a high-quality local school. They also provide the child with a backpack, uniform, shoes, books, and school supplies. But what makes the program so successful is the time sponsored kids spend at the Tabitha’s Heart education centers each day after school. There they get daily tutoring, a hot meal, worship, and an introduction to the love of God.

Tabitha’s Heart currently has about 400 children in its preschool and school sponsorship programs. More than 100 additional kids are ready to enter school in January - they just need people like us to sponsor them!